Rating System


Oh no! I SAID NO THANK YOU! *bolts to the forest to hide*






Eh… just Eh. meh unimpressed GIF




It was alright! Seems to be missing a few key ingredients though. But edible. (I’m thinking about cake now…)


Oh. OH! *puts on the heart goggles* NOW THIS I LIKE! GIVE ME ANOTHER!


thor GIF



*pointing and crying and sobbing* What do you mean you haven’t read this book yet? YOU NEEEEEED TO! NEED! *drafts thousands of blog posts about how much I love this book. Shrines have been built. I’ll sleep on the floor, this book can have my bed and all my blankets*


DISCLAIMER! I should note, that every book I review has been bought by me or gifted to me (Christmas is prime, book receiving time) unless otherwise mentioned.