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Book Review: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor (a.k.a. is my heart exploding or is this what love feels like??)

Book review for Strange the Dreamer (first in a dulogy!) by Laini Taylor!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Merchandise I Need To Survive

Today's Top Ten Tuesday brings youuu: Bookish Merchandise that I ADORE WITH EVERYTHING I AM!! OKAY?!?!
Also, these may be good gift ideas??

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Things We Can Do To Maximise Our Reading Time

5 tips to help us readers maximise our reading time, and finally be one step closer to conquering the worl---- our TBRs.... We're going to conquer our TBRs
*nervous side glance*

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Have Waited A Century For My Attention, But They’re Impatient And Have Resorted To Throwing Things At Me

Today's Top Ten Tuesday prompt is "Backlist Books I Want To Read" !!!!!!
*cue TBR shame induced sobbing*